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Lela Shepley-Gamble - Director
Lela first encountered Algonquin Park as a 12-year-old camper at Northway Lodge. She fell in love with the Park at that time and returned every summer until she was 17. She then went off to University and embarked on a finance career that kept her occupied on Wall Street in New York City for 15 years.



In 1987 Lela returned to Algonquin to attend a 20-year camp reunion, and there she reconnected with her future husband, who had been a guide at Northway when Lela was a camper. Rob and Lela were married in 1990, and Lela left Manhattan and actually lived with her husband in Algonquin Park for four years until such time as their son, Ethan, was born.

Rob and Lela still maintain a cottage in the Park, and Lela has been active in both the Cache Lake Leaseholders Association as well as the Algonquin Park Residents' Association. Lela is proud to serve on the Board of Algonquin Eco-Watch.