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There is a natural tendency to assume that since most of the Algonquin Ecosystem is located within Algonquin Park, its future is assured by the protection afforded under the Parks Act. Such is not the case however, as there are many subtle factors which may lead to the long-term degradation of the ecosystem if they are not identified and adequately dealt with in a timely manner.

In spite of names which might imply the contrary, there is no other group or government agency devoted exclusively to the assessment, protection and sustaining of the Algonquin Ecosystem for the future.

Protection of the Algonquin Ecosystem can also be looked upon as a test of human commitment toward the future. If through diligence and hard work we can protect this ecosystem and ensure its longevity in spite of increasing pressure from encroaching human numbers and industrial/commercial development, then perhaps there is reason for optimism. If however, we are unable to adequately protect the Algonquin Ecosystem with all its built-in safeguards, then we will likely be powerless to stop the degradation of other, less protected ecosystems, and face a sad future indeed.

Following are some of the many problems which threaten the long-term health of the Algonquin Ecosystem. Finding and implementing the solutions is our challenge into the future. We sincerely hope that you will decide to join us in our efforts to protect this precious and unique part of Ontario.


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