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Algonquin Park is the only Ontario provincial park where logging occurs. Algonquin
Eco Watch supports this premise.

Since our inception in 1996, Algonquin Eco Watch has supported the idea that
good forest management and good Park management can go hand-in-hand to
support a diverse and sustainable Algonquin Park Ecosystem. Over the years we
have found field staff members of both the Algonquin Forestry Authority and Ontario
Parks to be most cooperative regarding our frequent requests to accompany them on
field visits to logging operations. As a result of this interaction at the field level, many minor changes and innovative improvements to logging in Algonquin Park have resulted.

However, there are certain practices and policies within Ontario Parks and the Algonquin Forestry Authority, that Algonquin Eco Watch does not agree with and  has attempted to influence over the years for the benefit of the Algonquin Park Ecosystem. In large measure we have been unsuccessful in these attempts.

                                        RECENT DEVELOPMENTS

Algonquin Eco Watch has a seat on the Local Citizens Committee and so has been able to participate in the development of the 2010-2020 Algonquin Park Forest Management Plan. While this has been a positive experience in many ways, repeated attempts to introduce measures into the plan that we felt were necessary for the diversity and sustainability of the ecosystem have not been adopted.

The only recourse in situations such as this is to embark upon a Request for Issue Resolution, which seeks intervention at, first the District Manager level, second at the Regional Director level, and third (final) through the Ministry of the Environment, with the ultimate goal being the initiation of an Individual Environmental Assessment for the Algonquin Park Forest.
Our request has advanced through the first 2 stages without being successfully resolved and is presently before the Ministry of the Environment (stage 3). This website will be updated when the final results of our submission are known.

In the meantime, interested readers may view our final submission by referring to the 7 links available below.