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In the early 1990’s, an agreement between the Province of Ontario and the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan (Golden Lake) First Nation, on behalf of the Algonquins, was established whereby it was recognized and agreed that first Nation members and other eligible persons of Algonquin descent could  harvest a specified number of  moose from Algonquin Park. Yearly interim agreements have been signed pending settlement of the Algonquin land claim.


The Algonquin Eco Watch Group is sympathetic to the principle of native rights. Aboriginal groups need to be treated fairly in modern society. Algonquin Eco Watch’s primary concern however, is to maintain healthy ecological systems and foster the ethical treatment of animals and ecosystems in Algonquin Park. Hunting in the Park may change the natural ecological balance of such species as moose and wolves in the area by removing dominant animals and altering natural predator-prey relationships. As well, the relatively sudden impact of hunting on a previously unhunted population seems unfair in an ethical sense.

The Algonquin Eco Watch Group remains committed to work with the Algonquin First Nation in establishing a program to assist First Nation members and others of Algonquin descent to further their education in the field of resource management.