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Algonquin EcoWatch has applied to the Canada Revenue Agency to voluntarily have its charitable status revoked and are waiting for notice about when the status will formally be revoked. On a go forward, this means we are no longer accepting donations and issuing charitable receipts or membership applications. Nonetheless, we will remain active for an indefinite period on issues we continue to care about related to Algonquin Park and the Algonquin Ecosystem.

Direct contact regarding identified ongoing issues with or relating to the Algonquin Park ecosystem may be discussed with the following personnel:

Mike Wilton, RR#1, Spring Bay, ON, P0P 2B0, 705 377 5072, wilton@algonquin-eco-watch.com

Dr. David Euler, RR#4, Echo Bay, ON, P0S 1C0, 705 248 1494, davideuler@explornet.ca