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We are pleased to announce the release of the Algonquin Eco Watch book "Algonquin Park: the human impact". This book, consisting of 13 chapters is intended to provide readers with a comprehensive description of Algonquin Park, from pre-historic days to the present, with a brief look into the future.

Individual copies of this book may be purchased for $39.95 (Can.) plus shipping, through
OJ Graphix at Multiple copies should be ordered via
1-800-565-6150. The book may also be downloaded at no cost.

Download the book
Human Impact

In addition:

Copies may be purchased “over the counter” at a cost of $39.95 (Can.) at the following outlets:

Algonquin Park:

The Algonquin Park Visitor Centre Book Store

Huntsville Area:

Algonquin Outfitters, Huntsville and Dwight
Coles Book Store, Huntsville

Pembroke Area:

Algonquin Portage, 1352 Barron Canyon Road
Coles Book Store, Pembroke

Lindsay Area:

Sir Sandford Fleming College Book Store