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In spite of past hemlock over-utilization, the Algonquin dome represents the last stronghold of the Eastern Hemlock in North America.  For this reason, plus the fact that both moose and deer browse heavily on hemlock regeneration causing concern over the future of this species, we chose it to represent all the problems existing and potential, which must be dealt with if the Algonquin ecosystem is to survive. 

The hemlock is pictured in the logo as being sustained by a drop of water which represents the plentiful moisture supply arriving on the upwelling westerly winds off Georgian Bay / Lake Huron, ultimately giving rise to the headwaters of 7 major river systems.  The dome is depicted by the curve in the word "Algonquin", and the circle represents the life-giving sun.  The Algonquin Eco Watch Group will work in conjunction with Ontario Parks and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Algonquin Forestry Authority, in an effort to assure the future of Algonquin's hemlock forests.

Our People
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Mike Wilton Mike Wilton President
Dave Euler
Dr Dave Euler Vice- President Marj Wilton Marj Wilton
Secretary /
Hugh Banks
Linda Leckie
Linda Leckie
Lela Gamble Lela Gamble
Erin Hogg
Erin Hogg

We hope that the this gives you a better understanding of the people "behind the scenes" in the Algonquin Eco Watch Group. Through time it will probably be desirable to add new Board members, and hopefully as funding permits, additional employees to address special needs. In the meantime though, we feel that the present Board represents a cross section of people from sufficiently diverse backgrounds to be aware of and deal intelligently with the unique needs of the Algonquin Ecosystem.